What is a brand?

Nowadays you can hear people using word “BRAND” but it could be difficult to unders what does word brand actually means, and where it can be applied.
In TIE A TIE we believe that:

Brand is visual and emotional connection between company and customer.

Brand is expectations formed by visual product, story and experience. Imagine that a brand is a person – it has a story and it is exciting. You can not wait to hear it!

He can tell you and show you where he came from, and what he had experienced. You can easily describe how does he look, and how does he communicate when you meet and interact with him. But also, you can understand this person in a deeper level because you know his values, and know where he believes in and stand for.

Brand involves involves a story, visual appearance, language and experience.

So what is branding then?

Branding is a process of building consistent visual appearance, story, language, and experience. When a customer sees that all fits together and feels just right then the branding process is done well.

Consistency is the key to the great brand. Branding involves building a story, visual, language, and experience.

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How does the brand look like? Does it have a logo, and consistent identity throughout online presence and social media and reality?

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How did this brand evolve and what it had experienced to achieve the values it has now?

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How does the brand communicate? Is the language formal, friendly or informal?

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How does your customer feel before, during and after and encounter with the brand?

Visual branding

Visual is the first thing what customer will see and feel once he comes in touch with company. The brand should be consistent in every way possible.

The consistent feel comes to branding visuals that every company should have:

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The name can be catchy, it can describe what your company does, or it can be a brand new word.

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Logo should be meaningful and timeless. Logo design process requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group.

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Color palette

Color palette is constructed harnessing the power of colour psychology to bring resonance to the logo design. The use of the right colour brings emotions, meaning, and associations we make based on learned assumptions. Companies use these responses to bring emotion to branding messages.

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The right type is another important element to a great logo design, graphic and web design. Brand has to have a suiting font that goes along with consistent brand identity.

Identity items – The best way to accelerate your brand is having consistent branding items. Clients love to get a beautifully looking business card that communicates brand values.

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Identity items

The best way to accelerate your brand is having consistent branding items. Clients love to get a beautifully looking business card that communicates brand values. Additionally, brand need to have letterhead, envelop, booklet, flyer, name card, loyalty card… any item that suits company workflow and helps to create professional feel.

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Graphic elements and photography

Brand must have an understanding what images communicate the right messages. If company use social media, then there is a need for consistent social media cover photos, profile pictures, photo template for sharing and photo templates for advertising.

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Web & mobile presence

Some business are entirely based on-line, and others may be more that dependent on internet technology, but there is no argument that every business must have an online presence. Great brand has web page or a mobile application, which looks and feels professional and communicates and shows all brand values.

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Brand book

Brand book is a brand story, look and experience put together and explained in one book. This is a set of rules that describe how the brand should look and feel like. Brand book is given to all company’s workers, designers, customer support workers as a guideline.

TIE A TIE builds emotional connection between brands and consumers

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