“Sonemic” rating scales

1. Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave scale 1 [UPDATE 1]

This is an update on the first scale. A classic suggestion we made that shows minimized appearance and highlighted grid so the point system would be clearly seen and understood.

Skale simple 1

2. Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave scale 1 [UPDATE 2]

This scale has a very minimal and clean design. We have focused on removing the background and making it easier to use with a variety of backgrounds – starting with white & black.


Skale simple 2

3. Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave scale 2 [UPDATE 1]

In this update, scale features fully transparent background.  We believe that this way scale communicates the point system well.



4. Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave scale 2 [UPDATE 2]


In this scale, we clarified the points system and used a color palette of ligh blue gradient.


5. Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave scale 2 [UPDATE 3]

In this scale, we ‘cleaned up’ the points system and design to make more communicative. Gradients make it easy to present the rating and distinguish the points.