Brand direction, Corporate identity, Logo design


Sonemic, Cinemos, Glitchwave – colorful logo brand system

Sonemic, Cinemos, and Glitchwave are three new websites focused on discovering music, films, and video games. These sites are the next generation of Rate Your Music. Collectively, they are named the Sonemic network. We created colorful brand logo system.



“Sonemic” is the next version of Rate Your Music, and incorporates over 200 improvements requested by members.”Cinemos” takes the “film beta” from RYM and expands it into a full-featured site with the same improvements found in Sonemic.”Glitchwave” is a brand new site focused on building a comprehensive video game database.



To re-brand the Rate Your Music (RYM) and create 3 modern, attractive brands that has vibrand appeal. We came up with a colorful brand system that symbolically communicates what “Sonemic” network do.