Brand direction, Corporate identity, Logo design



In this branding project, we united several brands under one name “AeroWink”. TIE A TIE had created a brand structure that consists of the main company “AeroWink” and 3 sub-brands for Entertainment, Architecture, Agriculture.
For the main company, we choose to accentuate word “Aero” and created a brand icon (“A” letter) which symbolically presents aerodynamic forces.


“AeroWink” is a company working in providing aerial information via analytics or logistics to help customers make informed business decisions.
– “AeroWink” helps the farmer make real-time changes to obtain a higher crop yield.

– “AeroWink” helps the engineer make real-time accurate measurements of the structure that he is building or expanding.

– “AeroWink” helps the common drone user build confidence in flying a drone leisurely with family.

For “AeroWink” we have created brand structure and 3 sub-brands “AeroWink Architecture”, “AeroWink Agriculture”, “AeroWink Entertainment”, corporate identity.