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Collaborations with brands

Working closely with companies while developing new products, services, brands, etc. Creating partnerships and nurturing relationships contribute to business growth.

Collaborations with NGO’s

Interested in working with professionals and finding mutual benefit for both sides. Offering product and brand management, design collaborations.

Collaborations with professionals

Working closely together with high and low scale NGO’s and offering design collaborations: materials, brand management and consulting.

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TIE A TIE design collaborations

“TIE A TIE” is the branding agency of designers who love to create logo designs and corporate identity, things that are crucial for every business, NGO, product or a project. Our logo design agency help to define business’s characteristics that are necessary for great corporate identity and propel them to the great results.

With our experience in branding, we are interested in creating collaborations and partnerships with brands / companies, professionals and NGO’s.

We offer design collaborations and partnerships in creating logo designs, developing products, creating graphic design items and materials, brand management and  design consultations.