What makes TIE A TIE a good branding agency?
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Get to know me

Beautiful designs

My ambition is to form lasting and meaningful relationships between my client’s brand and the audience through smart thinking and thoughtful design.


Always on time. I value your deadlines and your time, so I am ready to present the works you need for the deadlines you have.

Smart thinking

Thinking ahead in terms of trends and time. I aim to create designs which will remain unique and iconic, in other words – timeless designs.

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TIE A TIE story

“TIE A TIE” is an alias of the Lithuanian graphic & brand designer Aiste (name pronunciation sounds like ice-tea). She as designer loves to create logo designs and corporate identity, things that are crucial for every business or a project. Aiste helps to define business’s characteristics that are necessary for great corporate identity and propel them to the great results.With years of experience, she also developed skills to help startup companies to have customers winning branding; help them raise money with quality pitch deck presentations and have the design that reflects the core idea of the company.

Aiste’s secret for a great brand is – understanding the client’s client needs and finding the right visual approaches.

“TIE A TIE” specializes in creating award winning logo design, and during 7 years of working internationally, the designer have developed her own style and sense of aesthetics – from very minimal dual-idea logos (negative space), to very vibrant and colourful looks.

The alias name of “TIE A TIE” came up almost instantly, so there was no brain-ache when deciding what the studio should be called.

The title “TIE A TIE” means to unify professionalism and style. A tie is a finishing look to creating a sophisticated style, and tie a tie is a process to achieve this. Aiste says: “I can and will help you to tie your company with great custom logo design and branding”.

TIE A TIE founder

My name is Aiste and I am the founder and the designer at TIE A TIE Branding Agency. I have been lucky to have a chance to pursue design and art studies from a very early age. Graduated from an art school, studied design and received a bachelor degree in Architecture.  My knowledge in creating structure and an eye for design has revealed to be a wonderful skill for branding companies.

I build  successful branding strategies, create a business image that defines the core values of the company and then design identities that grow into successful brands. When you work with me, you work with someone who will put your company’s success at the forefront of my work, creating a company identity that guarantees an ultimate return on your investment.